Aurélie BilletDoux

  • The Path

    Tags:The Path,Aurélie Billetdoux,Upbeat,Reflective,Quirky,
    Electric guitar,Drums,Bass,Acoustic guitar,Tambourine,
    Bass (Electric),Shaker,Drum (With Brushes),Singer,songwriter,
    Folk,Film Soundtracks,Female vocal,Aahs,Uptempo,One stop.

    Sounds Like:Joni Mitchell,Marianne Faithfull,Fiona Apple,
    Dead Can Dance,Lana Del Rey
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Aurélie Billetdoux is a Paris-born and-based singer/songwriter, composer and multi-disciplinary artist, who also studied classic dance for about 15 years. In her early 20s, Billetdoux relocated to London, where she busked in the Tube while working a local restaurant.
When she returned to Paris, she spent three years studying at the Superior National Conservatory of Drama School.
“The Path,” the latest single off the EP is a decidedly cinematic track, centered around a Ennio Morricone-like arrangement of shuffling drumming, reverb-drenched guitars and Billetdoux’s sultry vocals.