No Terror In The Bang – Sublimation


    Tags:Hard-rock, Rock , Indie Rock , Art-Rock/Experimental,
    Female vocals,Drums, guitar, bass, keys,Self Assured,heavy,Determined,163bpm,2020,English, Skunk Anansie, Björk,  Jazmin Bean, Shaka Ponk, Faith no more

    Lyrical Storyline:in philosophy, sublimation represents the conversion of sexual energy into creative energy. Personification of nature, of the sun.
    Pitch: an electro-punk introduction, a rock verse. This song includes an identifiable Rock – Hard-Rock chorus and a post-chorus with strong choirs, like in soul-music. A more « metal » coda with synthesizer and guitar solos in a progressive-metal way.

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    Tags:Classical, Contemporary 1975Present,
    20th Century Modern Musical Movie Song, Musical Theatre,
    Female vocals,orchestra, piano, double-bass,
    dreamy, melancolic, emotive, cinematic, waltz (3/4), 132bpm, 2020, English,Danny Elfmann, Saint Saëns, Satie

    Lyrical Storyline:this is a metaphor for strength; of strength and endurance, in fullness and serenity, through the majestic image of a weeping willow in nature.
    Pitch:this song mixes influences from classical music (St Saens, Satie), Jazz (Nina Simone) and film music (Danny Elfman). The result is both « musical comedy » and « pop » side. Female Singer’s voice is deep, like Nina Simone.

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No Terror In The Bang – is a french indie Rock band from Rouen, born in 2019. It was founded by Alexis Damien (Composer, drums, producer) & Sofia Bortoluzzi (Lead vocals, composer, lyrics).
They created aN ALTERNATIVE Rock-Metal band influenced by film music
Sofia’s influences are between hip-hop, metal & jazz. Alexis was known for his « Pin-up went down » metal avant-garde project and for his composer career.
The music of the band is an oxymoron, between powerfull darkness & subtle chiaroscuro
The duo is joined by Brice Bouchard (bass and double bass) to release the first single « Saule Pleureur » in October 2019, a soft cinematic introduction. 
The full band has record the 2nd single « Sublimation » in november 2019, mixed by Sebastien Langle, mastered by Pierrick Noël (Hypno5e, Klone)