D Jay Koi

  • WAIT (Feat 20 Dols)

    Tags:Pop ,funky,female vocals,drums,guitar,
    106bpm,1990s,English, doja cat , bruno mars, Mid tempo, positive, catchy, groovy,.

    Lyrical Storyline: positive vibes and love the life
    Pitch: all recorded in an analogic studio recording in live session with the neve 5088

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D JAY KOI is known for his unique style the « SHOW TIME ».
This artist / DJ, has all the characteristics of the greatest, able to mix any style to make it his trademark, he has already started to travel the world and his mix has already crossed cities like Dubai, Paris, London, Prague, Marbella.
Now hit producer D Jay Koi who has already collaborated with artists such as TARA MAC DONALDS ,, MOOX, HRISTA, FREEDOM, is now on the assault on Charts and does not intend to stop there.