Archibald – Out Of Sight


    Tags:Easy Listening, Vocals, Acappella, World, Modern, Indefinable, New Age Vocal, Ethnic Fusion, Cello, Bass Synth, female vocal, Voice,Sighing,Ethnic,Mighty,Primitive,Sustained,Vast,Airy,Ambient,Reverberant,brave,determined,Empowering,
    enigmatic,etheral,exclaiming,expressive, tempo variable, 2020, instrumental,Dead can Dance.

    Lyrical Storyline: no lyrics
    Pitch:At 0:46, a voice glissando explores every quarter notes (like oriental music would do), before reaching the tonal pedal note and fading out in reverb. This glissando is the expression of men diving into an « other world » real or imaginary… who knows which one represents the truth ?

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It is a real odyssey throughout polar myths and legends, coming from an amazing and very special artistic residency Roxane Terramorsi experienced in Greenland, in the very heart of the Artic continent, rough but so inspiring and conducive to onirism, conducive to the freedom of a flaming imagination.
This whole experience gave birth to a new piece of Archibald’s music : Out Of Sight, which can be defined as an enchanted walk that leads us to discover some of the most famous Inuit legends, this rich and beautiful culture we unfortunately know so few.
Here, women take the lead : Aurora, Malina, Sedna and Lady Cairn.
They take us by the hand to show us their world, where human, Nature and animals live as a vital triangle, where singing allows them to hold the world in their hands in order to observe it better and, who knows, to make it better.
Electro jazz pop melodies emphazise the Inuits chants and Bulgarian voices. Roxane’s bewitching voice, with the brilliant Nicolas Gardel’s guitar accompaniment, translates the litteraly shamanic energy she felt and lived throughout this unbelievable artistic and arctic residency.