Sofian Mustang


    Tags:Folk,female vocals,drums,
    acoustic guitar,bass,trumpet,harmonica,ukulele, keyboards,Energetic,dancing,happy,
    cheerful, smiling,melancholic,104bpm,2010’s,English,Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros,
    Moriarty, Herman Dune, Mumford & Sons.

    Lyrical Storyline: A soldier tries to survive at war, thinking
    about his friends and family, which he/she misses so much.


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Whatever the means and whatever the goal … leaving is an end in itself.
The music of Sofian Mustang combines rock, folk, country and mariachi: the breath of americana joins hot trumpets, rock guitars and a lively female song, speaking French and English.Sofian Mustang, it’s Lhasa de Sela who goes on a road trip with Calexico and Noir Désir.On stage, the 7 mercenaries take the public on an explosive trip, passing the Borders the body, the mouth in the wind and the smile on your lips.Western gypsy brass band, eastern mariachi rock, Sofian Mustang does americana at European, oriental rock, and French Mexican song. The group’s first album, « Back To Nowhere », is available (spring 2016).